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Starting afresh September 15, 2011

Filed under: volunteering — excitablescientist @ 1:36 am

It is truly amazing, the sensation of deep relief one experiences upon clearing out a months-old backlog of work.  The amount of time I have spent feeling guilty about putting off these tasks exceeds the time taken to get them off my plate by at least an order of magnitude, maybe two.


I don’t know how I became such a procrastinator, but I think it happened around the point when I graduated – suddenly, my convenient e-mail-answering breaks between classes were gone, and spending time staring at the screen after a long day of work became less and less appealing.  With so many close friends leaving town, I prioritized spending time with them, and in the process neglected one of my major volunteer commitments.  Part of me was probably trying to catch up on all the socializing and rest that was sorely lacking in my final year.


Yet I forgot how satisfying this particular volunteer activity can be — and am only now realizing how much it has been missing from my life this summer.  All it took was 4 hours – to type up old meeting minutes, update and organize a website, get the ball rolling on logistics for various events, answer the most pressing e-mails and send out a bunch more.  The work is neverending, as it should be, but having erased the dusty cobwebs of past unfinished projects, now left with a clean slate, I feel I can take it on with full force again.


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