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Thank U April 28, 2017

Filed under: clerkship,medschool — excitablescientist @ 8:54 pm
  • To my roommates, who have been there for me more than I have for them,
  • To my love, for imbuing this year with joy and meaning,
  • To my fam, who I suspect don’t entirely understand why I never seem to have time to talk to them but love me anyway,
  • To my friend who I visited in paradise on a weekend whim, in what was possibly the most sanity-preserving decision I made this year,
  • To friends who have sent postcards, texts, Skype calls to remind me there’s a world beyond call rooms and pagers,
  • To all friends I cried to on the phone,
  • To all friends I cried with in person,
  • To everyone who’s ever brought in snacks to night shifts in the ER, you people are angels (whoever brought in the homemade spinach dip, I’m looking at you especially!)
  • To everyone who treated me as a valued member of their team,
  • To every patient:


Wreck Beach

So long, clerkship. 


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