The Excitable Scientist

Mostly cheerful, sometimes snarky commentary on life science research and its broader impacts

About Me June 14, 2011

I’m a PhD student in the biomedical sciences at a west coast Canadian university.  I’m equally drawn to basic science research as to a career in medicine, and in the coming years I hope to carve out a path that will allow me to train and practice in both areas.  My heart longs for a life of discovery (the more basic, the better), yet I feel compelled to devote at least part of my time to endeavors with an immediate and positive impact on human health.


This blog will be a mostly candid chronicle of the research and people that excite me, along with musings on the impact of basic research on the world outside the Ivory Tower.  To me, this will be a useful writing exercise, and I look forward to discussions with many members of the science and medical blogospheres.  Comments from readers are always welcome; anonymity will be preserved if requested.  Thanks for stopping by!


** Note: The word “scientist” is broad and can be misleading.  In the context of the title of this blog, I am not using it to denote that I have expertise or advanced training in a scientific field.  The title arises from my realization that I view the world through a scientific method lens, as well as the elusive dream of one day becoming a full-time scientist at an academic institution. Perhaps “aspiring scientist” may have been more appropriate for someone at my current level of training; alas, that title was already taken.


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